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Here’s All You Need To Know About Styling Belts With Sterling Silver Buckles

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When it comes to slaying your everyday outfits, sometimes even the smallest little detail can make or break a look, and the belt is the perfect example. A seemingly inconspicuous accessory, belts can surprisingly have a significant effect on your outfits, whether casual or formal. This is especially true when it comes to more eye-catching pieces like belts with sterling silver buckles. A western American style essential, they are undoubtedly a classic accessory to own, but if you don’t know the right way to style them, they can end up ruining your whole look. So, here is a list of a few tips to wear your favorite belt with sterling buckles:

sterling silver buckles

Learn about the different types of belts

Belts with sterling buckles come in a range of different styles, with each style designed to match different outfits. Skinny belts with simple buckles match both casual as well as dressy looks, while belts with embellished buckles are more suited for casual looks. So, before you buy a belt, make sure you have an idea of the best ways to wear it.

Always follow the basic belt rule

This is arguably the most important tip when it comes to styling belts. Convention dictates that your belt should always match your shoes, whether it terms of color or style. For instance, if your belt is black, do not wear with a brown pair of shoes. Similarly, a casual belt is best worn with sneakers. But for leather belts with sterling silver buckles, you must go for dress shoes or western boots, depending on the occasion.

Avoid wearing ornate belts with formal suits

A formal suit should fit you perfectly, no matter if you bought it off the rack or got it custom made at a bespoke tailor. Adding a belt to the look might make it seem like your trousers are ill-fitted. So, no matter if they have loops or not, skip the belt. Moreover, if you want to achieve a sleek look, avoid the belt because it will only add unnecessary bulk to the mid-section.

Do not go overboard with statement pieces

Owing to their unique and striking designs, leather belts with sterling buckles can act as a statement piece in any look. So, you do not need to add more statement accessories. Also, do wear pair such belts with statement shoes. It will only make you look loud and showy. If you want your belt to stand out, wear it with shoes that blend in with the rest of the outfit.

Monchrome looks are always a winner

Belts with silver buckles have always been associated with a classic style. But to give this traditional western accessory a contemporary twist, go for a sophisticated monochrome look. For example, if you have a blue belt, pair it with shoes and a suit in a similar shade.

Choose belts that match your personal style

As we have said earlier, belts and belt buckles come in an array of different styles, colors, designs and patterns. You should always choose those that match your personal style and taste. For instance, if you are more towards casual outfits, it is best if you do not choose belts with large sterling silver buckles.

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