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4 Tips To Choose The Right Pair Of Cufflinks

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Accessorizing right is a piece of advice that is not restricted to the ladies. Men need to pay heed to certain things when it comes to styling their attire in order to make a statement. With the right kind of accessories, a man gets to ace the chic look while exuding charm and confidence. Talking about accessories, cufflinks have been the hallmark of a well-dressed and stylish man. These small items are probably the best way to add character to your outfit while taking your style game a notch higher. Sterling silver cufflinks instantly give you a polished look.

As fashion trends keep evolving, it is advisable to know the styling rules to steer clear of fashion blunders. Showing up to an event adorning the wrong accessories is as much frowned upon as blatantly ignoring the dress code! When it comes to white and black tie events, cufflinks are a must. Sterling silver cufflinks gel perfectly with most tuxedos and tailored suits. So, owning a few pairs of these beauties is a smart wardrobe choice. When you are dressing to impress, show off your unique collection of cufflinks.

Whether you are off to a formal event or a dinner date, keep in mind the following points while picking out a pair of cufflinks and get appreciative nods from the onlookers.

Read on:

  1. Cufflinks are mostly made from metals like sterling silver but there are pairs that are made from other materials like silk fabric, precious stones, glass, and crystal among other things. The cufflink pair you choose must be in accordance with the overall look you aim to achieve. Some materials look gorgeous on the shelf but fail to give the same effect when worn. With sterling silver cufflinks, you don’t have to worry about this given they look good with almost every outfit.
  2. You must keep the occasion for which you are buying cufflinks in mind before making the purchase. Not every pair will be appropriate for every occasion. There are cufflinks you probably shouldn’t wear to a formal event like the flashy ones. Occasions like weddings call for a pair that looks elegant and refined. Sterling silver cufflinks or engraved ones are a good fit for formal functions.
  3. You must match the color of your shirt with your cufflinks. A pair that complements your shirt adds class to your attire. White shirts look perfect with a variety of cufflink pairs. So, if you want to experiment with the accessory, put on a white shirt. Blue shirts are another classic category that looks amazing with pairs with a hint of the blue in them. The real challenge lies in pairing patterned shirts. The trick here is to stick with monochromatic options. Silverworks fine too.
  4. Some pairs are made keeping in mind particular styles and patterns of clothing, others look good with almost every other shirt. When you are adding to your cufflink collection do try to pick classic pairs that are perfect for most occasions and outfits.

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