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3 Awesome Tips To Perfectly Styling Your Outfit With A Belt

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When it comes to putting together an outfit, belts undoubtedly play a crucial role. If a good belt is capable of making an outfit stand out, the wrong one will make you look like a mess. Belts do so much more than simply ensuring your pants stay put and may be styled with almost every piece in your wardrobe, be it an evening gown, an oversized t-shirt or a cardigan! Opting for belts with silver western belt buckles is a sure shot way to ensure that your belting game is on point.

It is imperative to pay heed to the belt you choose to wear with your outfit as a mismatched belt is a fashion disaster which is sure to get you judging looks from every other person you cross on the streets. On the other hand, the right belt garners accolades for your awesome style sense. Another thing to be mindful of is the buckle of your waist clincher! Yes, you heard it right. It is highly advisable to stay at a safe distance from ‘fun’ buckles as they do not go with formal wear nor do they help you master the chic casual look. They are simply disastrous. If you are ever confused just go for silver western belt buckles. They are always a safe bet.

Choosing the right belt goes much beyond practicality and style. It offers a sneak peek at your taste and personality. If you are trying to ace the Riviera look by tucking in your shirt or t-shirt, your belt is literally going to be the centre piece of your look. For a stunning smart-casual look that demands attention, add a woven belt to your outfit.

Here are a few helpful tips that will definitely come in handy the next time you style your outfit with this ideal accessory:

  1. Both the manufacturing process and the material used play a vital role when it comes to determining the quality of belts. If you think that every leather belt is good, you are in the dark. Opt for belts that are made from full grain leather as they not only age well but are also resistant to stretch. Check for nubuck leather on the inner surface of the belt. The material is durable and also silky to touch.
  2. While mix and match may work at times, it is best to stick to perfectly matching your outfit with your accessory as the chances of messing that up are one in a million. Make sure the color of your shoes complements your belt color and buckle style. Ensuring your belt’s finish, be it suede, matte, or patent, is in sync with your kicks is important too.
  3. Silver, brass, and gold tones are a few desirable finishes for the buckle of your belt with silver western belt buckles being our favorite. When putting together an outfit, try to choose a material that goes well with any other heavy metal accessory you are going to wear like cufflinks or a watch. This adds finesse to your overall appearance and makes you look well groomed.

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