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The ideal accessory is to any outfit, as the ideal punctuation mark is to any sentence! In both cases, the impact is in elevating the statement. In the language of style, the importance of great accessories to any wardrobe cannot be emphasized enough... powerful little attention-getters that should reflect your unique personality and taste.One easy accessory that accomplishes this quite effectively is a quality belt, showcasing an exceptionally striking buckle.

Every buckle created by Max Lang is a work of art- to-wear, exquisitely designed and individually hand-crafted in fine metals and precious stones. From classic Southwestern masterpieces adorned with intricate engravings that pair perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans -- to more reserved, sleek, contemporary pieces that accent your formal attire with flair, many of our buckles can be customized to include your logo or monogram. Always made in America, always hand made with personal attention to detail…Max Lang offers the quality, craftsmanship and unique styling that you deserve. Take a look at the newest additions to our large selection of stunning buckles and find the one made just for you!

Plate-Style Buckles:

A rare find these days, the vintage inspired plate-style buckle with its three-hook clasp, traces its origins to the military. Classic, sharp and neat , this buckle style compliments both formal and casual attire with grace and ease.

Ring-Styled Buckles:

For those who enjoy a Western inspired buckle but prefer a relatively reserved look, the “D-ring” or the “O-ring” buckle style may be the perfect choice.Beautifully crafted, this is a very comfortable buckle appropriate for casual or more formal attire.

Small Frame Buckles:

Demure in stature but powerfully stylish, the small frame buckle is an ideal choice for formal attire where understated elegance is the desired effect. Strikingly handsome, this buckle style can be the perfect accessory for an executive look, business or pleasure.

Snap Buckles:

In keeping with the casual-chic trend in fashion, snap style buckles, with their exceptional convenience and striking good looks, are quickly gaining popularity. Available in a large array of designs, one will find snap style buckles to pair perfectly with all kinds of causal, business or formal attire.

Webbing Buckles:

Today, fashion is more about defining your own personal style -- selecting clothing and accessories that reflect your unique personality, than it is about blindly following the dictates of aloof designers. For 50 years, Max Lang has meticulously created artisan-crafted accessories of exceptional quality right here in Texas… one piece at a time. Our inspiration comes from the culture of the Southwest; from the beauty of the land, the sunsets, the art and the architecture of the indigenous people that have contributed so much to our sensibilities. The buckles, belts, jewelry and other accessories that we create are all infused with appreciation for what has come before us, and also for those who choose to take a little bit of our vision with them, into the future. Within our vast collection of timeless designs, ranging from classic Southwestern to contemporary chic, we know you will find the perfect piece to reflect your individual style. We are always here to provide assistance and guidance in your selection process and are most happy to do so!