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4 Ways To Accessories Your Tuxedo For The Next Formal Event

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When it comes to attending a formal event, what most male folks prefer to wear is a tuxedo. A stylish tuxedo look not only catches eyes but elevates the man’s overall personality as well. But if you look closely, you’ll see that wearing a tuxedo makes you virtually indistinguishable from others. When you want to stand out of the crowd, it’s important to carefully accessorize to get noticed.

If you’re stuck with accessories options to use with your tuxedo, shared are some ways that will help you pump up your black-tie look.

A Cummerbund

A cummerbund has become synonymous with a class when it’s all about wearing a tuxedo. If you really ask our opinion, this bold broad waist sash is a remarkable handy accessory. Besides preventing food and drink spillages on your shirt, it keeps your tummy tucked in. It looks great when your tuxedo’s color is pure black, but if the event requires wearing very bright colors, like a wedding ceremony, we suggest avoid dressing it.


You don’t generally find belt loops in tuxedos but you need something to keep your trousers supported. So how about suspenders? They may look outdated but they are extremely practical, functional, and make a great accessory. Instead of clip-on, try buttons to hold suspenders that don’t give an odd look. While choosing suspenders, avoid going with bright colors as they grab attention real quick.

A Vest

Vests never go out of style, no matter what event you’re attending. A vest always complements your outfit and only helps you feel more confident about your look. Though matching vest with tie patterns is considered out of fashion, you’re not bound to follow already-stated trends. As long as your matching vest and tie patterns don’t look distracting and go well hand-in-hand, you can wear them with confidence. But if you want to play safe, try a solid vest with a patterned tie.


When you want to shine out, cufflinks elevate your entire outfit and your personality altogether. A right pair of cufflinks instantly promotes a sense of uniqueness and gives your appearance an elegant look. To keep it sophisticated, try cufflinks that do wonders for your outfit and most importantly, your look. Every time you’ll take a sip of your drink, your cufflink’s shine will surely collect tons of appreciation from every direction. If you take our suggestion never borrow a pair; rather buy your set of cufflinks that matches your tuxedo.

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